Taps and Toilets for Kitogani

Help this community build a safe water and sanitation system

You can use your money to save lives

The current coronavirus pandemic is highlighting just how vital access to clean water is in giving people the chance to stay healthy. We are asking for your help to raise money to bring desperately needed clean water and toilets to the Kitogani Teachers’ Centre, local community and the nearby primary school. Money collected through gofundme will  pass to the charity

account of  the Brue Valley Rotary Club in the UK. Zanzibar Rotary will handle payments.

Breaking news:The team has hit water and the reservoir has turned into a well! When students return to school there will be taps on site for them and the villagers to use.

Amazing. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard or donated money to make it happen. Now for the toilets...

You are probably used to just switching on a tap to get clean water. For the people of Kitogani it takes many hours and back-breaking effort to get water where it is needed - hours of queueing at a pump only on for a short period each day and very unreliable; miles of carrying gerry cans (weighing 20 kgs each when full) on your head, or several precariously balanced on a bike or in a wheelbarrow; tipping water into buckets outside the dilapidated long-drop toilets for hand washing, or to try and keep the toilets clean. Then there's clothes washing and keeping yourself clean and, the next day, it all starts again, and the day after that, and the day after that...


The lack of easy hygiene is difficult at the best of times - people are more likely to suffer from diseases and students drop out to take care of siblings; the women in the community bear most of the burden of water collection and girls often stop attending classes because getting water takes priority; reaching puberty often has the same result because of the lack of private, hygienic toilets that preserve their dignity.


Faced with a virus against which our only weapon is scrupulous hygiene, the teachers, students and villagers of Kitogani are desperate to get running water and proper toilets.

Please help them buy the materials to make it happen.

Taps and Toilets

for Kitogani Teacher's Centre

and Primary School, Zanzibar

Project Manager in Zanzibar



Teachers Centre Administration and Management Committee (KTCMC)




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